The Benefits of hiring a chef for special events


Special events are always held in a comfortable, elegant, and exclusive environment. A special event can be held in the client’s residence, in a company, or in a meeting room of great distinction.


Every special event of great renown and importance, always requires an efficient gastronomic service, that is, business meetings, with family or friends, must have a seal of good taste, thanks to the preparation and consumption of tasty food, exquisite drinks, and delicious desserts.


In any event, celebration, or party, a chef of great ability and experience must always be present. The professional private chefs in gastronomy advice, are in charge of spoiling the guests, by preparing tasty Argentine recipes, and performing a table service that always meets expectations. The truth is, the chefs have all the availability and responsibility, to make your special event unforgettable and successful.


There are numerous special events that you can hire the services of a special events chef: romantic dinners, business lunches, business dinners, and events requiring catering services.


Catering Chef for Exquisite Dinners and Exclusive Business Lunches in Buenos Aires


Most businesses recognize that satisfied employees always offer excellent productivity. Business owners have to motivate their employees by providing a high quality lunch or dinner. That is to say, that the companies must have an excellent gastronomic service offered by the chef.


The chefs are responsible for providing a complete and elegant service, from preparing appetizers and entrees to dinner or lunch, to providing an impeccable, comfortable and exclusive service. The recipes prepared by the chefs always meet the quality and innovation requirements that the client requires.

Hire a Special Events Chef for Traditional Christmas Dinners, New Year’s Eve Dinners or Holiday Events Catering Services


Christmas is an ideal time to share with family, friends or colleagues. The chefs offer exquisite Christmas dinners, they elaborate exclusive and healthy recipes that are in accordance with the season. The decorations of the tables at the end of the year dinners are always fine, elegant and eye-catching. The truth is, if you make a Christmas dinner with the help of a professional chef, you will live a luxury party, where good taste will always be present.

Catering Chefs in Buenos Aires Offer Specialized Cooking Classes and High Quality Gastronomy Events Like Wine Tastings or Cheese Tastings


If you want to learn to cook new and exclusive recipes, the ideal is to hire a chef at home to teach you the culinary art in your own home. Businesses can also hire a professional chef, to provide an important gastronomic advice to employees, so they can learn about new culinary techniques capable of improving productivity and business profitability.

Catering for Business Events or Event Chefs in Argentina

Innovative businesses always hold exclusive events to present their new products. A recognized chef can help you present products and recipes of high quality, that provide added value to your company. Remember, in any special event, you must have the help of a professional chef and maybe hire a private chef. It is the ideal time for your event to be successful, and it can shine with international quality food. Chef Juan Bernarini is an international chef for hire. He and his team can provide catering services for your event in Buenos Aires – or greater Argentina. Additionally, if you are interested in bringing the flavors and cooking styles of Argentina to your country, you can hire Juan as an international chef. Contact Juan to inquire as to his availability and your upcoming event requirements.

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