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Chef Juan Bernardini took his first steps at age 16 when he was an assistant in a bakery and pastry. He worked as a cook at the Italian restaurant Piccolino where he perfected and developed new culinary techniques at the hands of his studios. He went through different kitchens, restaurants, and as a private events chef and a personal chef until years later he met a prestigious chef based in the Federal Capital who was the owner of a famous restaurant in the neighborhood of Palermo. A new stage began and with this chef, Juan carried out activities gastronomic events such as events and catering services. After passing through that restaurant he cooked for other establishments located in Palermo. He currently focuses his energy on his new business offering what he does best: delight with his dishes.

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Hire a Private Chef Who Specializes in Argentinean Food

The gastronomic services offered by this chef are varied and of high quality. The truth, that at the moment is very innovative and efficient, that you hire a chef that prepares the Argentine recipes in your house, or if you have a business and you want to be a leader in the market, the advisable thing is that you hire an excellent gastronomic advice.

The chef who provides the gastronomic advice, helps a business to make exquisite and attractive recipes for the customer as for romantic dinners or a chef for events. The chefs have the ability to determine correctly, which is the target market of a company, in order to create marketing and production strategies that allow excellent profitability. The gastronomic consultancy focuses on allowing a unanimous and equitable organizational development, that is, when a business has an excellent gastronomic advice, it will be able to have a better productivity and profitability focus on maintaining the productive quality, and on offering an exclusive service to the client.

How Chef Juan Bernardini Became an International Chef for Hire


My first 5 years of life, were in the house of my maternal grandparents, I remember that our house was ahead and in the background felt the delicious smells that went down the corridor and took me to the kitchen of my grandmother, were indescribable smells, At the same time, they are very simple, but as the teacher said, it is more difficult to make everyday dishes a delicacy than a refined French recipe. Those experiences were the training of this chef.

It still remains in my olfactory memory, we ran to the kitchen …

In short, she cooked like the gods! In the mornings we were in the kindergarten of the Normal School, on the street 25 de Mayo, and at noon we were with our grandmother, I said we were because there were three brothers living in Calle de la bolivar 550 de Azul. Sometimes I remember that he was looking for us at the door of the school, others we walked to his house, which was two blocks away, privileges to live in a small city. When entering that captivating smell of which I spoke before, still remains in my olfactory memory, we ran to the kitchen, through that endless corridor, which is now a simple corridor, but when one is small everything looks giant.

He never lacked the celery and carrot, the chopped cuttlefish so fine …

And there he is, our beloved grandfather José, waiting for us with a strong hug, reading his diaries and watching the news. “How were you children,” he asked without taking his eyes off the newspapers. The grandmother set the table, we stole the reader’s remote control without realizing it and we looked for our animated cartoons, I remember that at that time we had few options, Heidi, Zorro and Alf, all great and geniuses of comedy. And there came that long-awaited moment, the soup !!! It was so simple, so rich, so abundant! He never lacked the celery and carrot, the chopped cortadito so fine and his leek so delicate, also added Virina, which according to our “Abuela” was good to strengthen us, we devoured the soup with even more enthusiasm.

He encouraged me to try and incur issues of flavors and ingredients …

And here comes the best part of the story, the part where as a child I was encouraged to try and incur issues of flavors and ingredients, I put cheese cubed cubes to the soup and waiting for it to melt with the temperature of the soup, an action that Grandpa José did not like very much, but I also did it. I loved it!!

How not to take soup with your soup recipes

Today I continue to do it, and by the way many people follow my steps, and not only that, after years of practicing as a chef and studying various Argentine recipes and international recipes, I find that, in France , they have many soup recipes that, inside, or over a toasted bread, gratin cheese and they do it in a habitual way. We had some beautiful soup dishes, but I always wanted to drink in my grandfather’s bowl, it was a clay pot, old, dirty, but I loved it, sometimes I waited for him to finish to serve me, I even remember the sound of the spoon scraping the rough bottom of that dish, like forgetting it, like not taking soup !!

And this was not all, the main course is missing…

I would love to bring my passion for food to your table. Contact me today and describe what you would like to experience. My goal is to share with you the best foods and wonderful flavors that Argentina has to offer.

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